May 7, 2002

Dear Deshi,

It is with profound sadness and regret that I must inform you that Grand
Master Ansei Ueshiro passed away this morning from a stroke suffered this
past Saturday.

The Ueshiro family is in the process of making funeral arrangements and we
will post them when they are finalized.

I know I speak for all of us when I offer my sincerest condolences and
sympathy to the Ueshiro family and we are forever indebted to Master Ueshiro
for the extraordinary gift of Shorin-Ryu karate that he brought to us from
his homeland of Okinawa. We will continue to express our love and respect for
this gift through the Shorin-Ryu tradition of always moving forward.

Thank you for your help and understanding during this sad occasion.

Kyoshi Robert Scagione

Early Photo of Master Ueshiro

On Behalf of Sensei Alan Lai and Hong Kong Karate Club
We would like to THANK Hanshi for passing the most precious root of Shorin-Ryu Karate to us from Okinawa to USA and back to Asia. Through the practice of karate, we will convert our sadness to energy on the deck and keep moving forward! God Bless you, Hanshi.

Domo Arigato
Kenneth Cheung
Hong Kong Karate Club


Master Ueshiro (seated right of Master Nagamine) in Okinawa


You Will always be with us in spirit as we train hard and propogate the art.... Our hearts, sympathy, and aloha go out to the Ueshiro Family and Grand Master Ansei Ueshiro for sharing this beautiful Martial Art of Matsubayashi Shorin-ryu.

Sensei Lorenzo Aguon and the Entire Downtown Karate Dojo


David Swenson-Tonfa and Master Ueshiro-Bo, 1960, Okinawa......................................................Master Ueshiro and Sensei James Wax

shlomo dadon eilat israel.

Arigato Hanshi. - Bushi Dojo.

September 1962- Master Ueshiro Arrives in the USA

The Denver Club is deeply saddened by this great loss. Arigato Hanshi for this great gift of Shorin-Ryu. We will keep the tradition and you in our
hearts forever.

Shelley Schlossberg-Gucker

Workout in Central Park, 1962. Master Ueshiro with Ken Lee

The news from Kyoshi provides us an opportunity to reflect on the importance of what Master Ueshiro has allowed us to share. His life provided the focus and opportunity for the continuation and expansion of the teachings of Master Nagamini and those who have gone before. We are now that continuation. Although we no longer have Master Ueshiro's physical presence, like the other Masters, he remains with us in our spirit and our kata as we strive to expand our knowledge of the universe he has helped to define. It is in that striving that we celebrate, into the future, what he has meant to us, so far. Domo arigato, Master Ueshiro, safe travels,


T.J Carney- yon kyu Denver Shorin-Ryu Karate Club

Performing Fying Side-kick

God Bless You Hanshi. WE LOVE YOU. -David Seeger, Pine Forest Dojo

Performing Kata Chinto

Ansei Ueshiro Arrived in The U.S on September 15th, 1962. Since that time he overcame great obsticles and was able to work out a living and work tirelesly for the propogation of Shoriryu Karate Do in this country. His efforts were unwavering and he has produced many great karateka through his teaching and support. His influence has grown Shorinryu in the US and will aways be with us even though he has passed along.

We too must train hard, grow in knowlege, grow in wisdom and pass along our experiences to keep the martial arts experience alive in future generations.

Barry Wake

Performing Kata at Sensei Palmer Dojo 1974

I was fortunate to know Mr. Ueshiro and his family as a child growing up on Long Island. I was a neighbor and friend of the Ueshiro family from 1973 until 1991 when my family moved from Devon Avenue in Farmingville, NY. As a young child my best friend was his son Angie (Angiro) and Yoko was a classmate and friend as well. Mr. Ueshiro was a very kind, caring man with a wonderful sense of humor. His honor and dignity as a person was evident in his every day interaction with his family, friends and neighbors. Although it has been many years since I have last seen him there is still a feeling of sadness that such a wonderful man has left us. It was an honor to know him and his family.

Steven Latino

Performing Kata at Sensei Palmer Dojo 1974

"Through adversity, the man became a Master. So humble, this man."
Domo Arigato gozaimashita for your example Hanshi Ueshiro. I will always remember.
Lyle Kleusch,
Ni-dan, Downtown Karate Dojo.

L to R: Oshiro San, Kishaba Sensei, Ueshiro Hanshi


New York City Dojo, 1982


With all do respect to Hanshi and all Denshi: As a humble student I would like to share with everyone in honor of the relationship between Kyoshi to Hanshi and now Hanshi to Master. There is a Kanji Character called "Saisho" It literally means, "Planting The Pine", those of us from Shorin-Ryu (Pine Forest Way) at this time can really appreciate the wisdom and power in this Zen Teaching, "PLANTING THE PINE".

In the Rinza Roku (Recorded Sayings of Rinzai") there is a story that goes: "When Rinzai was planting pine tree's, his teacher, Obaku, asked, What's the good of planting so many trees in the deep mountains?' Rinzai replied, "First, I want a natural setting for the main gate; second, I want to make a landmark for later generations.' Rinzai then thumped the ground three times with his mattock and breathed out a great breath. Understanding this, Obuaku said,.... 'Under you my line will flourish throughout the world'."

Because of this historical event, even nowadays most Rinzai Zen monasteries plant a pine tree on Rinzai's Day, wishing to make a beautiful natural setting for the main gate and also to make a landmark for the generations to come.

So let us plant a pine tree in our hearts and thump the ground three times, in honor of Grand Master Ansei Ueshiro and for the flourishing of the line "Pine Forest Way' throughout the world under: Hanshi Robert Scaglione. This is the wish of Grand Master Ueshiro, I'm sure we can all see him thumping the heavens with his Rokushakubo and breathing out a great breath.

Arigato Hanshi.
Sensei Barnes.
Shihan/Bushi Dojo.
Santa Monica,CA.


My deepest sympathy at the passing of O'sensei. He was the true spirit of Shorin-ryu.

Mike Romero

Grand Master Ansei Ueshiro & Kyoshi Robert Scaglione 1992