Kyoshi's Technique of the Week
January 29th, 2001 

 Kata - the ultimate karate training method/exercise

With the upcoming tests and the test result emphasis
predominantly based (about 90%) on kata, I reiterate 
the importance of kata training for maximum self-development.

Karate training according to an article titled "Training on 
Okinawa in the 50's" from the karate web site in 
part by George E. Mattson, President NAC and IUKF.
Excerpts are as follows:

"my Sensei stated that all the strength, speed, coordination, accuracy 
and most importantly the "spirit" comes from the kata..."

"learning a block as part of a kata creates a different and more 
effective "muscle memory" than a block simply repeated a 
thousand times in the form of a drill."

"today Okinawan karate-ka build their strength and endurance over 
long periods of time and mostly through exploration of form and kata"

"the original dojo where Kanbun Uechi ( the man who studied the 
original moves in China) first taught, no exercises were taught as 
part of the least not in 1966."

"In essence, the power and the real fighting is in the kata- not 
in the bagwork, etc."

I totally agree with the article.
In closing I refer to Master Nagamine's text where 80% of the 
book is devoted to kata, 10% to yakusoku kumite, kumite 
bunkai application, equipment (devises), makiwara and weapons, 
and 10% to history. All 100% of the text is most important. 
Even more important is for us to have an understanding of 
all the aspects of karate, with proper emphasis given,
and to avoid injuring ourselves or our students because of a 
misunderstanding of karate training.

And to recognize that kata and karate are synonymous.
"...the body and mind develop best through the kata."


My best wishes to all the candidates, their teachers and sempai.


ROBERT SCAGLIONE, Kyoshi, began his karate training 34 years ago in 1967. This is his 29th anniversary as a Black belt under Grand Master Ansei Ueshiro- Hanshi of the Shorin-Ryu Karate U.S.A. system. Kyoshi Scaglione is the Chief Administrator of the original style in the United States. He has traveled with Hanshi throughout the U.S.A. and as his representative worldwide.  Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1938, Kyoshi served in the U.S. Navy and in 1961 became a NYC Police Officer. He voluntarily worked exclusively in high crime/ high hazard areas during his entire 20 year tenure with the NYPD. He served in many assignments in all five boroughs of New York City including uniformed street cop, undercover officer and as a Detective in the elite Special Investigating Unit featured in the film "The French Connection." He led the NYPD in felony arrests many times and has numerous awards, citations and letters of commendation from Police Department officials, Federal Agencies, District Attorneys, Grand jurors and the civilian community. He retired from police service in 1981 in order to devote himself full time to the art of karate.

Kyoshi began his karate training in the NYPD. He continued his training under Sensei Terry Maccarrone- Shihan of the Hegashi Karate Dojo on Long Island, New York. He was Senior Instructor at the St. James Dojo for five years. Hanshi Ueshiro, wanting a dojo in Manhattan, asked Kyoshi to open a dojo in New York City. He founded the NYC dojo in 1977, which became the headquarters of Shorin-Ryu Karate USA several years later. After ten years, in 1987, Kyoshi relocated to Merritt Island, Florida and founded the Okinawan Karate Dojo leaving his senior student David Baker, San Dan to continue operation of the NYC dojo.

Over 125 students began their training directly under Kyoshi Scaglione and have attained black belt level. He continues to work closely with all his black belts, including those who have opened the (15) dojo/clubs on the mainland US, Hawaii, China, and in Israel. Among his students are many professionals, doctors, lawyers, military officers, police officers, business executives, artists, writers, housewives, students and children.

Kyoshi is the co-author with artist Bill Cummins, Ni Dan of "The Shorin-Ryu Karate Question and Answer Book" and has written another entitled "Building Warrior Spirit." His student David Seeger, Yon Dan, an Emmy Award winner, has produced several karate videos with Kyoshi.  He has written and assisted his students in writing newspaper and magazine articles, film scripts on varied subjects, novels, and stage plays. He has appeared on national TV. and radio, in stage productions, and at Universities and schools giving karate demonstrations and lectures on self-defense and assault prevention.  Kyoshi's Has four sons. Sal is a San Dan Black belt. Robert Jr., Dion, and Shane are all Ni Dan black belts.