Kyoshi's Technique of the Week
May 15th, 2001 

This week the Technique is from Ms.Shelley Melton, Sho-Dan
Midtown Karate Dojo, NYC.

Okinawa Program

The book, the Okinawa Program is getting a lot of press lately. Here's
what SELF magazine had to say about it:

Searching for the fountain of Youth? Get directions from the Okinawans,
the world's longest-lived people. Those native to the islands between
Japan and Taiwan have 80 percent fewer heart attacks, 80 percent fewer cases of breast cancer and a 50 percent lower risk of hip fracture than Americans, according to the new book The Okinawa Program. 

To reap the
benefits, follow these three rules:

1. Eat like an Okinawan. The average island dweller takes in about 1,900calories a day (and seven not five servings of fruits and veggies), while the average American consumes about 2,500. 

The islands' centenarians get by on just 1,250 calories. They fill up on sweet potatoes, edamame (raw soybeans in the pod) and cabbage, plus lots of whole grains, complex carbs that provide long-term energy. 

The result: lower blood-sugar levels,
less body fat and therefore longer lives.

2. Nurture your spirit. Okinawan spirituality blends a reverence for
nature with a deep respect for others. For instance, if a vendor sells sub-par fruit, Okinawans will continue to buy from the vendor so she doesn't fall into poverty. Nobody's suggesting you eat bad fruit, but studies have shown that having a strong social network can boost immunity.

3. Make exercising a way of life. Okinawans see physical activity as a
way to live in tune with nature. They practice a dance similar to tai chi,
they garden religiously and they walk - a lot - "even though cars are
everywhere," says coauthor Bradley J. Willcox, M.D. That approach has
paid off: Their body-mass index is about 21, while the average American's is 26.

Arigato, Ms. Melton


ROBERT SCAGLIONE, Kyoshi, began his karate training 34 years ago in 1967. This is his 29th anniversary as a Black belt under Grand Master Ansei Ueshiro- Hanshi of the Shorin-Ryu Karate U.S.A. system. Kyoshi Scaglione is the Chief Administrator of the original style in the United States. He has traveled with Hanshi throughout the U.S.A. and as his representative worldwide.  Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1938, Kyoshi served in the U.S. Navy and in 1961 became a NYC Police Officer. He voluntarily worked exclusively in high crime/ high hazard areas during his entire 20 year tenure with the NYPD. He served in many assignments in all five boroughs of New York City including uniformed street cop, undercover officer and as a Detective in the elite Special Investigating Unit featured in the film "The French Connection." He led the NYPD in felony arrests many times and has numerous awards, citations and letters of commendation from Police Department officials, Federal Agencies, District Attorneys, Grand jurors and the civilian community. He retired from police service in 1981 in order to devote himself full time to the art of karate.

Kyoshi began his karate training in the NYPD. He continued his training under Sensei Terry Maccarrone- Shihan of the Hegashi Karate Dojo on Long Island, New York. He was Senior Instructor at the St. James Dojo for five years. Hanshi Ueshiro, wanting a dojo in Manhattan, asked Kyoshi to open a dojo in New York City. He founded the NYC dojo in 1977, which became the headquarters of Shorin-Ryu Karate USA several years later. After ten years, in 1987, Kyoshi relocated to Merritt Island, Florida and founded the Okinawan Karate Dojo leaving his senior student David Baker, San Dan to continue operation of the NYC dojo.

Over 125 students began their training directly under Kyoshi Scaglione and have attained black belt level. He continues to work closely with all his black belts, including those who have opened the (18) dojo/clubs on the mainland US, Hawaii, China, and in Israel. Among his students are many professionals, doctors, lawyers, military officers, police officers, business executives, artists, writers, housewives, students and children.

Kyoshi is the co-author with artist Bill Cummins, Ni Dan of "The Shorin-Ryu Karate Question and Answer Book" and has written another entitled "Building Warrior Spirit." His student David Seeger, Yon Dan, an Emmy Award winner, has produced several karate videos with Kyoshi.  He has written and assisted his students in writing newspaper and magazine articles, film scripts on varied subjects, novels, and stage plays. He has appeared on national TV. and radio, in stage productions, and at Universities and schools giving karate demonstrations and lectures on self-defense and assault prevention.  Kyoshi's Has four sons. Sal is a San Dan Black belt. Robert Jr., Dion, and Shane are all Ni Dan black belts.