T H O U G H T   F O R   T H E   W E E K

Barriers of Human Achievement

By Dale Adamson, Sho-Dan
Naples Karate Club

The barriers of human achievement lie only in the mind. Obviously, this may have different meanings for each individual, but I tell my students that in life they are only limited by what they think they cannot do. For me this is illustrated by a story I tell my kids, when I was a medical student it seemed like I needed to study harder than my classmate, eg: what one might learn in an hour, it seemed that it would take me 2 hours to understand. I learned that even if it took me 2 hours understand a concept, I still reached my goal and I did not dispair or quit. Finally I reached that goal grtaduating medical school, though I still seem to read a lot. This concept is illustrated throughout Kyoshi's book- Building the Warrior Spirit, but one story stands out, when he and his friend and police partner Roger subdued a riot at a rock concert. There were only 2 of them and a large number of crazy people, yet they did not let their anxiety, fear or anger interfere with the required goal to protect the crowed and stop the riot. The story is on page 68, but there are other illustrations throughout the book as well.  Again, your goals are only limited by what you think you cannot do. Arigato, Dale Adamson, Shodan.

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