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Technique of the Week (January 7th, 2008)

Sensei Sal, Roku-Dan
Ueshiro Karate Club, Centreville, VA


Our Karate training could be treated much in the same
way we would treat a book that was read only to then
be put down and forgotten. OR...we can treat our
training and our art with the respect deserved and
let our training become woven into the fabric of
our lives by allowing it to become one with our body
and mind.

Use your Karate training in all facets of your life,
not just while on deck. Be it work, school, pleasure,
all of the experiences life offers will be enhanced if
we allow our Karate to blend in.

Conversely, our life should become an essential part
of our Karate training both blending together. The two
should not be like oil and water as two separate
things sharing one space, rather our life and our
Karate training should be blended like minerals and
water--blended together seamlessly and not visible to
the beholder and coexisting as one.

Keep moving forward...

Domo Arigato,
Sensei Sal Scaglione, Roku-Dan