Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

Technique of the Week (January 9th, 2005)

From Sensei Joe Knight, Director, Ueshiro East Meets West Karate Club.

Centreville, VA


Acquire and utilize the wealth of SRKUSA Training material available to our Deshi.


Master Nagamine's "Essence of Okinawan Karate Do"- Every technique and foot movement associated with Matsubayashi Ryu kata is documented clearly with pictures and graphics. Master Nagamine's philosophy on Karate Do & Zen is explained in the opening chapters. All serious students should have this book as reference material.

Hanshi Scaglione's "SRKUSA Question & Answer Book" (Red Book) contains a wealth of history associated with SRKUSA shinden and kata. Fukyugata Sandan is also clearly illustrated. Waza and striking points are discussed. Sensei William Cummins has provided beautiful graphic illustrations of all Kata techniques. Green belts and below should be utilizing this resource to supplement their dojo training

Hanshi Scaglione's " Building Warrior Spirit" (Green Book). Hanshi investigates and explains the precepts of Gan (eyes/concentration) Soku (footwork) Tan(den) (courage) and Riki (strength/power). Training exercises to develop/foster these precepts are provided. The green book also contains Hanshi's recollections of Karate Do being utilized in real life situations. Hanshi's NYPD experiences/stories illustrate how Karate Do can "win" in dangerous situations without a punch being thrown! Brown belts and above should be utilizing this resource to supplement their dojo training


Kyoshi Seeger has produced first class instruction videos for all Ueshiro SRKUSA kata. Every student should at least have the kata video for the Kyu Rank (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) they are training for.

The Kata 2000 Reference Guide (all Kata/Weapons/Pre-arranged Fighting) is available in both Video and CD, and must be acquired by all advanced ranks.

Kyoshi Seeger also has available the following video productions:

-Master Ueshiro demonstrating Bo kata and Fukyugata Nidan kata

-The 1989 Reference Guide which contain SRKUSA Shinden and Deshi performing all kata, demonstrating advance body conditioning drills, and kata bunkai demonstrations. My favorite segment is Master Nagamine demonstrating his favorite kata- Wanshu

- The 1993 30th Anniversary Demonstration & Promotion


The SRKUSA web site has been upgraded with a Google search engine that makes all of Hanshi's and senior deshi thoughts and techniques since 1997 available at our finger tips.(located at the bottom of the home page). A google search of the word "Pinan" for example, will return 16 thought/technique paragraphs associated with that Kata.

The "Technique of the Week" page has a link on the top of the page to allow deshi to browse thru the 400+ thought/technique file archive listed chronologically since 1997.

In summary, The Deshi of Ueshiro Shorin-Ryu Karate Do are blessed with a wealth of training resources to use as inspiration. Master Nagamine and Hanshi are accomplished authors, Kyoshi Seeger is an Emmy Award winning television producer, and our website has the archive of all online instruction produced since 1997.

Move forward in this new year and utilize these resources!

Domo Arigato-

Sensei Joe Knight, Director, Ueshiro East Meets West Karate Club.