Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

Technique of the Week (January 9th, 2011)

From Sensei Steve Lott, Midtown (Hombu) Karate Dojo NYC, NY


Keep the shoulders parallel to the deck.

It is important to recognize proper symmetry of the shoulders. A common error –the shoulders are not parallel to the deck after completing the technique

Here’s what happens in F1:

In the very 1st move - down block - notice how the right shoulder is not even with the left.

In F2 this error usually occurs a few times.

Both opening down blocks to the side.

At the end of the kata the double punch.

This one is tough to correct because of the position of the arm in the upper punch

In F3

The chudan side block in zenkutsu

And the chasing punch

The shoulder problem is seen in the more advanced kata as well

Here in P1.

In the kosa daichi


The last two moves.

And in Naihanchi kata.

The second move of N1.

While all of this is important for every student to recognize it is even more important for beginners. If they execute improperly when they begin learning kata it will be very, very difficult for them to correct later on.

I have purposely not included photos of the correct posture. Research it well on your own. Get to the dojo – get in front of the mirror – have an advanced deshi observe your kata. It’s the only way to get it right.


Steve Lott