Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

January 17th , 2016

This week's TFTW is from Sensei Lyle Kleusch
Shihan, Director
Ueshiro Mesabi Karate Dojo

Chapter 1 of "Building Warrior Spirit", Gan-Eyes by Hanshi
Robert Scaglione and William Cummins is a clear, concise description of the
philosophy of our training with respect to vision, perception and awareness of
your environment and yourself in that environment. It also clearly outlines how
to prepare yourself to visualize complete situational awareness on pages 13 and 14.

We have many opportunities to practice situational awareness, in our homes, our work

and our communities, but most especially on the deck. On the deck you can hone

that situational awareness into a tool to serve you well in a life or death situation.

Every time you step on the deck, practice focusing on awareness of your environment;

on how and where people are moving around you, the sounds of your surroundings, the

hum of any nearby equipment, traffic, of everything. It not only provides a sense of peace, but
also insight; insight to everything happening around you; complete situational awareness.

We should strive for it every time we train, just as we strive for mastery of the other elements

of our training.

When you step off the deck, you can carry this enhanced, increased situational

awareness with you, not just of the things you love, which you are already aware of, but also of

situations in your environment that might affect you or those you love, both positively or
negatively. We become more effective in our ability to respond correctly in a
life or death situation.

I highly recommend reading the Green Book, "Building Warrior Spirit", as Chapter 1 is the focus of this TOTW,

so that you can reflect for yourself on what is Gan. It impacted me greatly when I was a green belt.

Domo Arigato Hanshi, Kyoshi, Senesi,
Senpai and Deshi!

Sensei Lyle Kleusch
Shihan, Director
Ueshiro Mesabi Karate Dojo