T H O U G H T   F O R   T H E   W E E K

Responsibility and Reflection

By William C. Kolbert, Ni-Dan
Westport Karate Club

Twice a year we hold promotions in our system, we all look
forward to these promotions and we train hard for them. Moving up in rank is both an honor and a responsibility. As I reflect upon the Florida promotion and look forward to Sunday's New York promotion I would like to focus not on the honor of being promoted but on the responsibility that we should associate with promotion.

As an Instructor I want to set a good example for the deshi that train with me. As a deshi, I want to develop my own karate by working with the instructor and the other deshi. The point of which is that we are all role models to the people around us. We can be strong role models; ones who demonstrate solid well developed techniques, who show proper courtesy and pull up the level of everyone around us.

Follow the example that Master Ueshiro has set down for us. With each promotion we gain more responsibility. Look for the
opportunity to pitch in and help on the deck as well as off. It is through fulfilling our responsibilities that we can develop our Karate-Do.


William C. Kolbert - Ni-Dan
Westport Karate Club

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