Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (February 12th, 2001)

 Dale Adamson, San Dan Mohawk Valley Karate Club


Be Aware of you Surroundings

Don't Beware, but Be Aware of your environment. 

For example, when you are at  the movies, locate the exits, in case there is a need to leave quickly; or when you are at that business meeting, look at how people have grouped themselves. Have they strategically arranged themselves to make a challenge? 

In karate this is best explained in the Green Book, Building the Warrior Spirit, by Kyoshi Scaglione. On page 17, the first sentence reads as follows: 
"A warrior, while engaged in a conversation, perpetually scans the area...." 
The whole section is dedicated to being aware of your surroundings. Try to read this and apply it to your life.

Arigato, Dale Adamson, San dan