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Technique of the Week (February 13th, 2006)

Sensei Pat Moriarty, Go Dan Co-Shihan
Pine Forest Karate Northampton, MA

Uke (Knife hand Block)

During the recent Dan Level review in Florida, the Shihan had a brief
discussion about the placement of the secondary or follow-up hand in Shuto
Uke (Knife hand Block).

Here is the context of that discussion;

The secondary hand finishes in a position lighty touching the forearm about
three inches above the elbow of the primary striking hand. ( This final
position occurs regardless of blocking chudan or gedan). The secondary hand,
well as the primary hand, should always be considered a sword where the
to finger tips is perfectly straight & hard as a metal sword. Neither hands
wrists should bend while performing the Shuto Uke. The secondary hand
also end in a horizontal position where a tea cup can be balanced, the hand
does not act as the cup but rather the plate the cup sits upon.

Domo Arigato Hanshi
Pat Moriarty
Go Dan
Pine Forest Karate
Northampton, MA