Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (Feb 17th, 2003)

From Sensei Salvatore Scaglione, Yon-Dan
Shihan East Meets West Northern VA Karate

Onegai-shimasu Master Ueshiro, Hanshi Scaglione,
Kyoshis Baker/Seeger, Shihan, and Deshi all over the

Center the Head…Lead with the Belly

Straight from the Green Book, pgs 66-67, we are taught
by Hanshi to lead with the belly. Another way to
address this is to NOT lead with the head. The chin
should be tucked ever so slight and head is centered
over the body. This can be seen in numerous
activities. Golfers at the tee, batters in baseball,
the shooter at the foul line in basketball, a ballet
dancer on stage…all understand the importance of
having the head centered over the body. If the head
is allowed to drift forward we are taken out of
alignment and our balance is disturbed. Try it in all
stances, shizentai/zenkutsu/neko ashi/jigotai, look in
the mirror--feel your body and your balance change as
you move the head from centered over the body to
forward or back from the body--then feel the balance
come back as the head is centered...feel
foundation/stability happen. As Hanshi points out,
it’s as if you are being pulled along by the knot of
the belt, from the navel to the objective. This
concept encompasses spirit, guts--Tanden--as well.
Research this well--many benefits will come.

One additional thought for the Deshi of the
mid-Atlantic states: when shoveling snow--and you
will be shoveling--keep the back straight, head over
the shovel, and use the legs your Sensei helped
develop for you as a forklift that removes and plows
thru the snow to pavement.

Keep Moving Forward………

Domo Arigato,

Sensei Salvatore Scaglione, Yon-Dan
Denshi/Co-Shihan East Meets West Northern VA Karate
Shorin-Ryu USA u/d/o of Grand Master Ansei Ueshiro