Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (Feb 26th, 2003)

From Dan Gobillot Yondan, Shihan- Pine Forest Karate, Northampton, MA

KARATE - empty-hand

We practice an art that employes our hands in almost every move. Our hands
are abused sometimes through the conditioning we seek and endure. Our art is
named after these intricately constructed appendages consisting of some 52 of
the 206 total bones in the body. Why do we often take these precious tools
for granted?

Sometimes when I'm in a group doing kata (and not looking forward as I should
be), I will see light through a closed fist across the deck. If I should get
hit, that's the kind of fist I want to be hit with. Nice and soft, probably
hurt him more than it would hurt me.

Protect your hands, the tools of your craft from unanticipated dangers.
Clench your fist, stiffen the back of your hand in all shuto techniques.
When you find your mind wandering return to your hands.

Do fukugata sandan with a real tight fist (not a fakefist) and after
kio-tsuke check for the finger nail lines in your palms. Just don't let
Hanshi or sensei see you doing it.

Dan Gobillot
yondan, shihan- Pine Forest Karate, Northampton, MA