Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (March 3rd, 2003)

From Sensei Chris Barnes, Bushi Dojo, Santa Monica, CA.

Thought For The Week of March 3rd 2003


Smashing Technique

As I grow older in my training and my awareness of my personal
arsenal for my body size and the actual closeness of an attack,
the power of the Ata waza reveals to me it's immediate usefulness.

smashing techniques using
1. Elbows
2. Knees
3. Palm Heel

Hiji - Ate / "Elbow Smash" has four types

-Tate (upward)
-Yoko (Forward)
-Ushiro (backward)
-Sase (supported)

Hiza - Ate / "Knee Smash"

This technique should be practiced alot
it is a "Life Savor", bring the knee up to the chest.

Shotei - Ate / "Palm Heel Smash"
My respect for these four distinct blows as a fourth degree black belt
has greatly been made aware of in terms of the immediacy in the use of these
blows and the effectiveness of which they can be delivered.

The Ate waza are powerful life and death situation weapons at our disposal.
Hanshi went to great lengths in Florida to show us all, proper distance with
our Tate hiji ate. Apply that principal to all Ate waza and feel the power.

Arigato Barnes Sensei
Bushi Dojo, Santa Monica, CA.

(Please refer to page 78 of Essence of Okinawan Karate - Do
by Shoshin Nagamine)