Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (March 5th, 2001)
 Mr. Joe Knight, Ni-Dan
East Meets West Karate Club, Va.

"Rank is as much a responsibility as it is a privilege"
-Kyoshi Saglione

With the conclusion of the February promotions for the 19 Dojo/Clubs in the Shorin Ryu Karate USA organization, This is a good time for all deshi who tested to reflect upon their training. 

For those deshi who were ready to advance at the promotion, it is very important to understand the additional responsibilities involved with their new rank. 

For those deshi who were not ready, it is also very important that they continue to maintain their current responsibilities and take pride and recognition for what they have achieved with their karate training to date. 

Many senior deshi (myself included) have at some point experienced this "fork in the road" of not being ready to promote. Our response to this fork was to continue to train with renewed focus (Beginners Mind). We now look back at this experience as a defining moment in developing our lifelong commitment to Shorin-Ryu karate. Keep Moving Forward!

The following is a quick review of deshi responsibilities by rank. This list is not inclusive, and deshi should talk with their Shihan for addition dojo/club responsibilities.

For Yon-Kyu/San-Kyu, responsibilities include:

-Attend all tip tests and belt promotions being conducted at your school
-Attend/participate in all scheduled functions and activities at your school
(i.e., Toshokai, Cumpai)
-Help with dojo/club upkeep and repairs
-Set the example for white belt students by training vigorously in each class
-Work with lower level deshi and answer questions before and after class

For Ni-Kyu/Ik-Kyu, responsibilities include:

-All of the above
-Show more spirit
-Begin to assist in conducting classes
-Refrain from complaining about injuries
-Organize after class/workout sweep up
-Suggest and initiate improvements and ideas in the dojo


Joe Knight

East Meets West Karate Club of Virginia