Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (March 8th, 2004)

From Daniel Gobillot
Godan - Pine Forest Karate / Northampton


Onegai-shimasu Hanshi, Kyoshi (plural), Shihan, Sensei and Deshi worldwide,


Commit yourself to improvement.

Set a minimum training schedule for yourself and then supplement training
time to it.

Avail yourself to all opportunities in your karate training. Travel.

Exert yourself sincerely while on the deck. Develop all your senses.

Step first and always move forward.

I'm just back from Florida. The weather here is about the same as it was
last Saturday night in "sunny, warm" Florida as I sat in the out door dining area
waiting to be served and just wishing that I could be doing kata to stay
warm. I've traveled to Florida to train with Hanshi nearly every year since I
first tied on a white belt. This year my annual excursion was different. Every
person has special memories that they carry with them throughout their lives.
This past weekend will be one of mine. It is not something that can be
summed up in a sentence or a paragraph or even a book. Well, maybe a book, but I
can't write and my point is, is that you would have to have been there and
lived it, (as Barnes Sensei did by flying in from CA and returning the same day)
to ever really know. Big spirit...HUGE spirit, a great and powerful spirit was
shared and felt by all.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Chaskelson and Oscarson Sensei
(plural), and everyone else behind the scenes who made this thing happen. These
things don't just happen. Arigato Mackay Sensei for your inexhaustible energy
and vigor demonstrated in organizing and conducting the after practice to
dusk beach workouts. For me it was a cherry on top of an amazing day of Sunday
training. Arigato Baker and Seeger Kyoshi (plural) for your leadership,
guidance and detailed instruction broken down in such a way that even a guy like me
can understand and incorporate it into my training and instruction. Domo
arigato gozaimasu Hanshi, you have never wavered in your message as long as I have
followed you. I continue to hear things that you have said many many times,
as if for the first time.

Domo arigato gozaimasu,
Daniel Gobillot
godan - Pine Forest Karate / Northampton