Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

March 13th , 2016

This week's TFTW is from Sensei Steve Lott

Onegai shimasu Hanshi, Kyoshi, Sensei, and Deshi

Chambering “in line” with the attack

In every block it is important that the blocking arm is in direct line with the attack.

Here’s what often happens:

The second move of F1 is completed and the next move is the 180 degree turn to down block.

As I dropped I chambered the blocking arm incorrectly. Notice how it now must travel around the head in order to block the attack.

Here’s the correct technique:

As I drop all I do is twist the arm without pulling it out of position – the only movement of the arm is downward as it drops along with the body. As you can see the blocking arm is now in direct line with the attack.

Like all moves in kata, everything is in motion at the same time. This goes for all down blocks, chest blocks, head blocks, whether closed hand or open hand.

If you do not have a training partner to observe then do the following: face the mirror and watch the fist and arm as you drop. Do not let it move out of position to the other side of the head. Be certain that it is in line with attack.


Steve Lott