T H O U G H T   F O R   T H E   W E E K

"Karate For 5 Year Olds"

By Shlomo Dadon, Director
Eilat Dojo

karate~2.jpg (11499 bytes)I would like to involve you in one of the biggest problems in karate, which is getting people to come regularly to our practice, a problem most apparent with 5-year olds. How does one succeed in getting them excited, involved, and provide them with the feeling that they are here in the very best place and it is always worth coming back?

To it in order to learn and practice our karate? At the moment I have ten 5-year old children in my dojo, and each time before working with them, I devote a great deal of thought to what to do with the kids today.

So that they don't get bored, so that they don't become impatient, disinterested, and, I have the feeling that 5-year old children are a school for psychology you always hope that none of the children arrives  tired at the dojo, because then  others will jump to join him, or that he doesn't feel like it today, or that what we're doing today we did at the last lesson, and it makes him impatient. I would be happy to hear the benefits of your ideas and experience in how to make karate appealing to 5-year olds so that they will continue to practice and grow.

Domo arigato gozaimasu,

Shlomo Dadon.

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