Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

March 17th 2013

From Tamir Sensei, Denshi-Shihan
Ueshiro Neve [Oasis] Karate Dojo
Neve Yamin, Israel

Onegai-shimasu Ueshiro SRKUSA,

I recently had the great privilege to teach our new Yon-Kyu (Green Belts) their first Pinan Kata -- Pinan Shodan. What an exciting "classic" kata it is to teach and essentially re-discover and re-learn again for myself (through teaching it).

This awesome kata packs so many new things for the new Green Belts; starting with Chudan- and Jodan-Uke (chest and high blocks) performed in tandem simultaneously, Neko-Ashi-Dachi (cat stance), Chudan-Shuto-Uke (chest knife hand block/strike), Nukite (spear hand), Kosa-Dachi (cross leg stance), supported chest block/body slam, etc. By teaching it to new Green Belts, it is as if I learn it again for the first time -- exciting!

What an awesome gift we have received from Hanshi and Master Ueshiro going back hundreds of years to the composer of our highest kata Kushanku in the 1700s, which inspired the development of the Pinan Kata[s] in the early 1900s, to be taught at high school by Master Anko Itosu -- a gift to enjoy time and time again with all its splendor never tarnished with time. I believe kata[s] become more special with time -- like wine. Enjoy them forever...

Keep Training with Joy & Vigor.

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu

Tamir Sensei

Ueshiro Neve [Oasis] Karate Dojo
Neve Yamin, Israel