Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

Technique of the Week (March 27th, 2005)

From Sensei Dale Adamson, San-Dan Mohawk Valley Karate Club

Little Falls, NY



Onagaishimasu Hanshi, Kyoshi and deshi:

At least a couple times a year I review the Precepts of Karate in Master Nagamine’s book. I encourage all of us, regardless of rank to look at pages 47 to 51. There is a lot of instruction there, with very few words.

Any way- my favorite this time is “ Do not be dependent upon others for your improvement.” Musashi Myamoto, once said “ Pay your respects to the Gods and Buddhas, but never rely on them.” Your training is one of your most precious assets, regardless to age, size or your perceived handicap.

Arigato, Dale Adamson, San-Dan