Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

March 27th , 2016

This week's thought is from Sensei Lorenzo Aguon

Ueshiro Hawaii Karate Club

Intermediate Movements

Throughout our training we focus so much on finishing and ending techniques. Moving fast. Half speed and power. Full snap. Full Speed and power. We transition from one technique to the other. But sometimes we neglect the importance of intermediate movements. In the Red Book, page 76, there are pictures of various intermediate movements. In parenthesis, take note of some of the English names of the movements like "body-shifting fighting posture" and " searching-hand fighting posture". Every technique and movement in our katas are important. Intermediate movements allow us to do many things in the kata. Catch a breath. Feel our surroundings. Gather our thoughts. Build power and foundation for the next technique. This week practice all your kata. When you come across an intermediate movement....stop (but not too long).....then repeat that intermediate movement a few times......understand what is happening....then explode into the next technique.


Sensei Lorenzo Aguon

Ueshiro Hawaii Karate Club