Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

April 2nd, 2018

This weeks technique is submitted by Sensei Ron Marchetti and
Sensei Pat Marchetti-Merritt Island Karate Dojo Under the Direction of Hanshi Robert Scaglione

Perfect each kata in turn

As we progress in our training, sometimes we are eager to learn the next kata. However, one should be patient before trying to learn the next kata or to test for a new rank. Instead, we should perfect the kata we are working on at the time. Do not worry about learning a new kata, perfect what you are working on, the Shihan will know when the student is ready to learn a new kata.

Hanshi has said kata is like learning how to write, one first needs to learn the letters and perfect the basics in order to achieve perfection and this is done by repeated practice. The karate student should concentrate on perfecting the kata one step and one technique at a time and not to be in a rush to learn a new kata or technique. Rushing to the next kata without perfecting your current kata will only delay your progress.

This is clearly stated in the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Journal on page 31, where Master Ansei Ueshiro and Hanshi Robert Scaglione share their beliefs for the foundation of Shorin-Ryu. “Our training is focused on kata, kata must be truly understood and the deshi must become the kata.” “In karate the art is in performing the kata perfectly.”

The student should concentrate on advancing to perfect their current kata, not to be in a rush to advance to the next kata. You can win the fight by perfecting Fukyugata Ichi.

Domo Arigato,
Sensei Ron Marchetti, Go-dan, and
Sensei Pat Marchetti, San-dan
Merritt Island Karate Dojo