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Technique of the Week (April 16th, 2006)

Sensei Joe Knight

East Meets West Ueshiro Shorin Ryu Club

Centreville, MA
Utilizing Both Arms/Hands

When executing a blocking, striking, or punching technique, maximum velocity and power cannot be realized without the complimentary counter movement of both arms & hands. A common mistake with new and intermediate deshi is to focus on the striking/blocking arm while the opposite arm weakly counters. This is analogous to ripping a piece of paper using one arm to hold and the other arm to rip. Ripping the paper simultaneously with both arms is the more efficient technique.

When performing class punching and blocking drills in jigotai-daichi, focus on accelerating both arms for every technique. When executing the chest punch, imagine punching an attacker in front to the solar plexus while simultaneously elbow striking an attacker in the rear to the ribs. Adding the elbow strike give urgency to the counter-movement and also provides more power to the chest punch. The added acceleration for the elbow strike also results in a fully contracted chambered hand that is ready to launch the next technique.

When practicing chest blocking techniques, extend/wind-up both arms with equal tension when covering- then explode into a simultaneous front block and rear elbow strike. Imagine "ripping" your opponent in two from the covering position- using both arms/hands equally.

Domo Arigato-
Sensei Joe Knight
EMW Karate Club of Northern Virginia