Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

Technique of the Week (April 18th, 2005)

From Teresa Knight, Yon-dan, Ueshiro EMW of Northern Virginia,
Ueshiro Shorin-ryu Karate USA


Enhancing Delivery of Oi-zuki
Oi-zuki, also referred to as a chasing punch or lunge punch, is one of the powerful low stance techniques that Grand Master Ueshiro included in kata Fukyugata Sandan. Like all techniques, basic and advanced, we must continue to focus on all aspects of our ability to deliver it if we want to continue to develop or maintain a level of proficiency as karateka.
Some of the corrections we have received from Hanshi Scaglione over the last year associated with improving our delivery of Oi-zuki include:
While we pivot on the balls of our feet (portion of feet between the toes and arch) we should still keep the heels on the ground. The heels should slide across the floor to their new position. A common error is to lift the heels completely from the ground while traveling.
The head should be turned completely in the direction you are moving; aligned with the target you are punching. It is preferable in training to turn the head even further. You could train with it turning beyond your target by several degrees. You do not want to get in the habit of turning your head less than needed to align it with your target. If you do not train with full movement you will lose the ability to fully turn your neck and head.
The chambered hand and arm should be close to your body with the elbow directly behind the wrist and hand. The wrist should be straight. This position would be the same as if you were punching directly in front of you and is maintained in relation to your body's alignment throughout the technique.
When in jigotai-daichi stance align your knees with the heels of your feet and center your hips over your heels as well.
Sensei Sal Scaglione uses an analogy when he teaches this technique that brings to life the power of it to me. He says to think about punching a tunnel through a mountain.

Domo Arigato -
Teresa Knight, Yon-dan, Ueshiro EMW of Northern Virginia,
Ueshiro Shorin-ryu Karate USA