Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

April 19th, 2015

From Sensei Lyle Kleusch
Shihan, Director
Ueshiro Mesabi Karate Dojo

Onegaishimasu Hanshi,Kyoshi, Sensei, Senpai and Deshi,

This weeks thought is about transitioning from one move to the next properly during kata, yakusoku kumate and bunkai. We spent a lot of time on this concept this week at the Ueshiro Mesabi Karate Dojo.

In order to maximize power, maintain balance and fulfill the requirements of Gan, Soku, Tanden and Riki as outlined in the Green Book, Building Warrior Spirit, we must transition between moves properly.

An example would be from moves 8-9 in kata Fukugata ichi. As we step back with the left foot we must get low while keeping the back perpendicular to the deck. As our foot moves back we start to cover. As our left foot finds its place and roots in we are well covered moving through a perfect squatting position, left hand above the right ear and right hand protecting the left ribs. Our body continues to rotate as our left, blocking hand comes into position and the right hand goes into the pocket. And of course we finish up in Zenkutsu dachi, hips closed, shoulders squared, left hand and arm blocking and rotated into position two fists above the left knee.

Making sure that all the transitional points are performed properly requires us to sometimes slow down kata, yakusoku kumate and bunkai and really observe ourselves and other to ensure that these elements are correct. In fact it is beneficial during this type of practice to break moves down into two counts, stopping in the central transitional point, such as the squat and cover position as mentioned in the example above. Of course during normal kata practice we do not want to stop in this transitional point so that we can generate maximum speed and power, but still note that we are moving through the transitional points properly.

Ask your Sensei if you have any questions as to how any transitional movement is correctly performed.

Arigato Hanshi,Kyoshi, Sensei, Senpai and Deshi!

Sensei Lyle Kleusch
Shihan, Director
Ueshiro Mesabi Karate Dojo