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Technique of the Week (April 21st, 2008)

From Sensei Karen Brophy
Ueshiro Bushi Dojo Karate Dojo

"Show The Move!"

At the Bushi Dojo, we have been working the past few months on slowing
down our Kata and showing EVERY move. We are doing a lot of Kata by
the count and making sure we are counting (1, 1000; 2, 1000) between
each move.

When practicing Kata, we start at half speed and power, progressing
to 3/4 speed and then finishing up with some full speed and power.
Full speed and power does not mean go through the Kata quickly. There
should still be 2 full seconds between each move. The speed is in the
move itself, not between the moves.

As a satellite Dojo, we strive to ensure that we maintain the
traditional Ueshiro Shorin-ryu style of moves and that we impart that
to our students.

I thought it would be good for everyone to benefit from our experience
and focus on SHOWING THE MOVE this week.


Domo arigato gozaimasu,
Sensei Karen Brophy
Ueshiro Bushi Dojo Karate Dojo