Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (May 7th, 2003)

From Dale Adamson, San Dan Mohawk Valley Karate Club


Onagaishimasu Hanshi, Sensei and deshi

In the past I have mention how important and powerful the technique Tomoe-zuki . It is used in close proximity of your opponent, striking two areas with the result of brief respiratory paralysis and a potential for internal bleeding.

The technique involves both arms striking forward, one hand striking the solar plexus, the other striking the left or right upper quadrant of the abdomen. Remembering to aim beyond the area that you are striking (the target is on the other side of the body), The solar plexus strike will impair the celiac nerve plexus resulting in a brief spasm of the diaphragms , i.e. like having the wind knocked out of you.

If the right fist is striking the solar plexus, the left fist will strike up under the ribs, through to hit the gall bladder and liver. If the left fist is striking the solar plexus, the right fist will up under the ribs, through to hit the spleen. If performed correctly your opponent or enemy will be significantly injured.

This move is performed with zenkutsu-dachi or nekoashi-dachi. It practiced in Fukyugata ni, Rohai and Passai.

My last comment is simple- Thank the Shinden, especially Master Chibana, the composer of Fukyugata ni. I think he wanted to introduce Tomoe-zuki to the deshi early in our training, because he knew that we would have practiced Fukyugata ni a thousand times ( if not more) before learning kata Rohai and repetition of this move is the only way to make it work correctly. As Sensei Hall would say " it needs to flow".

Arigato, Dale Adamson, San dan