Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

Technique of the Week (May 8th, 2005)

From Sensei Chris Barnes, Bushi Karate Dojo, Santa Monica, CA


Haito-Uchi (reverse knife hand-strike)

Many times I have had deshi from other systems
come into the Bushi and demonstrate a chest block
and ask me as if it's a riddle.."Was that a block or a strike"?
I know where they are going with this, a good block should be able to break
the arm of the strike being delivered therefore one could say
..... AH! That Chest Block is Really a strike!
Well...O.K I get that. But still with said, if I was to research
the chest block in let's say Essence of Okinawan Karate-Do.

I would find it on page 83 under the section titled:
UKEKATA (Blocking Techniques). So my answer when someone demonstarte
a chest block and ask's me if it is a block or a strike, I answer...a block.

However there is one technique that in it's description
is in fact both a strike technique and a blocking technique.


With shuto-uchi using the reverse side of the hand, meaning the ridge
of the hand that lies in front of the thumb.
With this weapon one can block or strike the attacker's:
If knocked to the ground one can
strike the outside of the knee.
Upward into the groin or even sweep the ankle.
In kata we find it in Naihanshi Sho.
I suggest using your heavy bag at first to develop atemi
with this strike/block and when you feel ready move to maki wari board.

And if some deshi who wants to seem more informed and holds the secrets
..when asked if reverse knife-hand strike is a block or a strike.
You can answer both. Why.... because it is written. page 78. esssence of
okinawan karate-do.

Arigato Barnes Sensei
Belated Technique of the Week.