Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

Technique of the Week (May 8th 2011)

From Sensei Salvatore Scaglione
Denshi/Co-Shihan Northern VA Ueshiro Karate


Onegai-shimasu Hanshi, Kyoshi, Sensei, and Deshi-
Several weeks ago I wrote a note about several Sempai embarking on a journey up
through the northeast contingent of Ueshiro Shorin Ryu Karate USA Dojo. In
essence, we are all on a journey, some of us on many journeys of all kinds on
and off the deck. Many journeys begin with a thought, a concept, a vision, something of a
carrot that we strive to reach. It could be a goal we are attempting to achieve, a
target we hope to hit. My thought for this week is not about that end point or
accomplishment or whatever event brings any journey to an end. My thought
encompasses making it a point to enjoy the actual journey itself, to recognize
those events that along way actually make up the heart of the journey and not just concentrate on the result at journey's end.

By keying in on andcelebrating the center of the journey, we will stand a better chance at actually reflecting on and getting valuable life lessons from the entire trip and not just focusing on the
result. From a personal point of view, I've had many journeys in life, not all of them
ended as I envisioned at the onset while some have ended exactly as planned, and
sometimes the journey ended better than I could have ever dreamed. By not
focusing on the outcome, good or bad,and concentrating and enjoying all of the
moments comprising each journey I've developed a great appreciation for
actually taking on a journey and in that way all of my journeys have been successes.
For me it's expanded my world and enabled to pay homage to every little detail
along the path of life.

To highlight this point, Hanshi has said thousands of times that these are
the good ole days
. That concept of living in the moment and appreciating the
here and now facilitates the concept of appreciating of each and every aspect of your
In our Karate training we all have journeys we are on as we continue to move
forward.The belts we wear and the certificates we've collected are
meaningless without the countless pushups, squats, blocks, punches, kicks, or kata we've
done building up to that point.The lessons we take from each class,
corrections from every Sensei, each drop of sweat falling due to getting lower
and punching harder, are what make the journey sweet.Avoid the temptation to
fast forwarding to the good parts and cut to the chase by putting
life in slow motion and replay those moments as part of self-reflection. Be thankful
for each moment and making those points in time a learning experience. To that
end, we are all on the grand journey of life, treasure each moment along the
way, appreciate every instant in your world, and work to make your life journey
a success.
Domo Arigato,
Sensei Salvatore Scaglione
Denshi/Co-Shihan Northern VA Ueshiro Karate