Shorin-Ryu Karate U.S.A. - Thought For The Week

"Remembering The Past"

By Goldenberg Sensei, Yon-Dan

In as much as the Shorin-ryu USA philosophy is "keep moving forward", it is also important to remember the past and where we came from, for it is the memories and feelings we have for things past that propel us to move forward.

For example, the reason that we keep training and go to the Dojo is because our past experience tells us that we will feel good if we go. This feeling of satisfaction is based on past experience.

The reason we get excited about taking a trip to Florida to train is because our past experience tells us that if we do this, we will enjoy it and it will be positive for ourselves, our sensei and fellow Karateka.

I remember how as a brown belt I would look forward to travelling to other dojo, partly for the enjoyment of training with the other deshi, and partly because my Sensei instructed me to go to support the other schools.

No trip was too long.

As I became an advanced black belt, I made the trips to support the Shihan so that their deshi would see that they are part of a bigger organization, but also because they were brothers of mine, friends that I shared years of hard work and sweat with.

On many occasions throughout the years various black belts would try their hand at starting clubs or Dojo.

I remember the good feeling I experienced when I was called upon and was able to, in a small way, help them with my presence or a demonstration.

It is important to " keep moving forward", but it is also important to remember the past.

Be selfish, experience a good feeling by supporting your local clubs and dojo. If not always then at least once!


Goldenberg Sensei, Yon-Dan

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