Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

Technique of the Week (May 31st, 2009)

From Sensei Shlomo Dadon, Eilat Ueshiro Dojo
and Sensei Nir Zamir, Hertzlia Ueshiro Dojo


Eyes, Feet, Hands: moving the body Shorin Ryu style

Shorin Ryu teaches us to operate our bodies in a way that is fully aligned with our mind; designed to generate the most impact with it regardless of our own mass and muscle capability versus an opponent that may be much stronger physically, or even armed; and deliver a well-focused technique that will neutralize the opponent quickly and efficiently.

It is therefore on par with the consistent instruction, by practically all our teachers, to act in the following sequence when we realize we are facing an opponent that forces us to use our training in a physical form:
First ensure they are constantly in our line of vision, subject to our awareness.
Then position our feet so as to be able and maximize the body's energy by using our hips.
And then, when everything is in place - deliver the block or the strike that will provide us with the most protection from the other's aggression.

Practically speaking, this translates to training ourselves to use the eyes first, then feet, followed by the use of the hands.

Sensei Shlomo Dadon
Sensei Nir Zamir