Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (June 2nd, 2003)

From Sensei Chris Barnes Shihan- Bushi Karate Dojo

Getting The Knee Up !!!

Last night a student was remarking on how high Hanshi,
gets his knee up (chambered) for kicking.
(yes and heel tucked back and foot flat)

Yes, if we don't we are just kicking a football of the tee.
It is an ineffective kick and the time spent on throwing out
any ineffective technique in a life and death situation is fatal.

And fatal is finite.

With the knee up you are also covering the chest for reverse punch chamber.

Also look at page 80 in The Essence of Okinawan Karate,
at Hiza-Ate, (Knee Smash), where Nagamine Sensei writes:

This technique is most effective if thoroughly practiced until
it becomes a spontaneous reflex.

"Let's get the knee up this week to a spontaneous reflex."

Arigato Barnes Sensei.
Bushi Dojo
West Coast.