Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (June 3rd, 2002)

From Barnes Sensei, Bushi Dojo.
Santa Monica, CA.


A thought :

I remember so many times not wanting
to go to class, sometimes I would climb those stairs
at midtown dojo take off my shoes and... go to put them
back on,.. and then Hanshi would walk out of the back room
and there was no way out. This event happened many times.

I share with you all this epiphany, this phenomenon, this
spiritual principle , this Fact :....

The times I went to to class when I least wanted to,
we're the times when the greatest gains in my karate
training took place. We must show up especially on the day's
we least want too.

I share Master Ueshiro's last words in 30th Anniversary Journal:
"To those who are not studying, I have nothing to say.
I would tell those who are now studying not to stop.
Karate is a lifelong pursuit".

Don't stop showing up for your life.
Barnes Sensei, Bushi Dojo.
Sunny Santa Monica, CA.