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Technique of the Week (June 26th, 2006)

Sensei Dale Adamson Sandan

Mohawk Valley NY Karate Club

Do it 10 times

Onagaishimasu Hanshi, Shihan and deshi;
One of the enduring thoughts and teachings from Master Ureshiro is the statement "Just do one kata ten times or more each day, that is all one needs". This quote is found in the Green book authored by Hanshi Scaglione, page 108. Hanshi’s gives a wonderful explanation to this statement. I will only try to give a brief summation, practicing one kata 10 times develops strength, power, speed and reaction better than practicing ten different kata one at a time. The moves that you perfect in that kata will transcend to the other kata. I refer you to the green book, "Building the Warrior Spirit" for more insight.

Arigato, Dale Adamson San dan.