Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (June 30th, 2003)

Sensei Lorenzo Aguon
Downtown Karate Dojo,
Honolulu, Hawaii

Understanding Tension In the techniques we do:

Let's first take a look at the "HEAD" of the body...It is used to guide us and lead us in our movements. The "head is especially important when we make quick movements or big turns in the katas.

Next, the "FEET" seek establishment and serve as roots for the body searching for the right foundation. This prepares us for out final moment of impact.

Finally, we explode with a quick and powerful technique...whether it be a block, punch, or kick.

So where does "tension" play a role?...As we execute every technique, be loose, not tense. We turn the head freely, fast, looking and leading the body to face our target. Again, without tension the feet follow the head seeking it's new foundation and rooting itself quickly to establish ground. We then explode into our technique fast and with full power, but still without tension. At the moment of impact, the final split second in which the technique hits or finishes(whether it be a kick, punch, or block) we tense up with full muscle contraction. We then release tension and be loose once again...ready for the next technique.

By understanding tension in the katas, we can truly develop crisp techniques and help build our endurance. Keep this in mind as we train in class or are taking a test. Be loose and tighten up at the end of our techniques giving full contraction of the muscles at the split second we finish our technique.

Aloha From Hawaii,
Sensei Lorenzo Aguon
Downtown Karate Dojo