Shorin-Ryu Karate U.S.A. - Thought For The Week

"Moving Forward - Does This Mean Practicing Every Day?"

By Shlomo Dadon, Ni-Dan, Israel Karate Dojo Ellat

Each of us has the desire to move forward and try to achieve our best, both in our personal lives and of course in our karate. Modern Western life often takes up - our time and our ability to invest and practice and arrive at our best efforts. And - each of us has personal abilities, however great or small, but where is the limit in order to produce our best and achieve efficiency, completeness, and the peak of karate? We all know about "healthy mind, healthy body ". The mind is the main ingredient for a sound body. By our karate practice, we strengthen ourselves physically and mentally. But is practicing several hours every day with hard effort and great tolerance the formula and the result for a sound mind and mental and physical strength and of course, the height of karate? Without hurting anyone personally in certain ways. Or should we be more content with two or three sessions a week, like most of us do, to achieve the most efficiency which will bring us to the peak of karate or will doing 50 kata every day cause us to progress forward in karate? In my opinion each of us must know his own body, his abilities, and his mental tolerance and act accordingly. The main thing is to be whole with our path and continue to practice and progress. Arigato, Mr.Shlomo Dadon, Ni-Dan.

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