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Technique of the Week (July 2nd, 2007)

From Sensei Chris Barnes,
Shihan/Denshi Bushi Dojo.
Ueshiro Shorin-Ryu Karate USA

Ate Waza (Smashing Technique)

Found on page 78, The Essence of Okinawan Karet-Do

The basic movements or oue style are divided into five categories:

Kamaekata (ready stances); tachikata (stances); semekata (attacking techniques);

Ukekata (blocking techniques); kerikata (kicking techniques)

Last week Kyoshi Baker referred from the latter category.

I would like to go to the semekata category and look at the the 4th

And final technique in this category Ate Waza, The Smashing technique

One of the few technique that actually describes how to deliver but also the results when properly execute;

SMASH. Lovely, yes?

Inside this section there are three Smashing techniques by : Elbow, Knee or Palm Heel

I want to focus on the Elbow or Hiji Ate

Because all kyu and dan levels have one.

White belts can work the tate hiji-ate found in Fukyugata II

Green and brown have Ushiro hiji ate in Pinan III & Yoko hiji-ate in Pinan IV

Black Belts have Sasae hiji-ate (Supported elbow smash from Naihanchi II

(&Tate again in Gojushiho)

Now with all this breaking down, which we are all good at, breaking the technique.

I want to explore the Sasae hiji-ate, in class Instructors can work the appropriate

Ate waza with the appropriate rank.

Black Belts I would ask you stay with me on Sasae hiji-ate.

Supported Elbow Smash.

This powerful, explosive, punishing technique is a favorite

For me because sometimes my seiken waza or my yubi waza or uchi waza

Delivered with accuracy will still not put down an attacker, maybe high on

Stimulants that buffer the pain that should be experienced with the blow.

The Ate Waza or smashing techniques delivered with repetition by passes

any muted nerve ending and just collapses your opponent, it literally

smashes down all aggression.

From naihnachi stance, the fist is chambered

The opposite hand is open and butts up against the fist

And then like a steel door slamming an amazing torch of energy

Swivels from one side to the other with fist now locked into the palm

Which has since closed on the fist like a clam smothering a pearl.

The open hand has worked like a door hinge holding the hinge pin steady,

Supporting the fist so the sway of the forearm, shoulder, hips, elbow and triceps can all move

with speed and accuracy to pummel the object of the which now finds it self in dire straights.

I’m not going to get into the math, velocity etc. as Hanshi say’s “Just Do iT”!

SO to celebrate our independence this week let’s do some constant repetition’s,

To “fuse all of our strengths into the movement which in this case we call Ate Waza

And assure you a Smashing Time of Joy and Vigor!

Black Belts remember you can have your back against the wall or your back on the ground

Straddled on top of an opponent to deliver this fierce semekata.

See You All in August, for yet another “Smashing Good Times”!!!!!

Arigato Barnes Sensei

Shihan/Denshi Bushi Dojo.