Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

July 9 , 2017

This weeks technique is submitted by Tamir Sensei
Deshi-Shihan Ueshiro Neve Dojo, Israel
Ueshiro Charlotte Dojo, North Carolina

Onegai-shimasu Ueshiro SRKUSA Worldwide,

Applying the first precept of "Gan" from Hanshi's "Green Book" (Building Warrior Spirit), includes critical visualisation in our training.  As I apply this precept to the last combination moves of Fukyugata Nidan, I visualise the following:
> A large opponent charges me head-on to grab/ tackle me
> I root down into a powerful Zenkutsu-Dachi with my rear leg in straight tension and front leg in bent compression, holding my ground against the momentum of the charging opponent, while at the same time chambering both my arms for Chudan-Wari-Uke (middle split block a.k.a. double chest blocks), protecting across my chest
> I strike both my arms into the opponent, using the Chudan-Wari-Uke, stopping the opponent in his tracks and maintaining minimum mai [spacing] between the opponent's body and mine, as he tries to grab/tackle me; see second illustration on page 58 or illustration number 10 on page 74 of "Red Book"
> I then rock my hips back, still rooted in Zenkutsu-Dachi, pulling both my fists straight back into chambered double punch position
> Immediately as my fists reach the chambered position, I blast them out straight into the opponent's mid-level mass as a Tomeo-Zuki (circular block and punch a.k.a. double punch) led by my hip motion, while rooted in a powerful Zenkutsu-Dachi, shocking the opponent; see last illustration on page 66 or illustration number 6 on page 72 of "Red Book"
> I repeat the above, stepping first, with the opposite legs and arms, knocking out the opponent

Attached, please see photo of deshi Page Lee working with me on Fukyugata Nidan at the Ueshiro Charlotte Dojo.
What do you visualise when doing your kata?
Let's keep training and moving forward.
Domo Arigato Gozaimasu Hanshi for empowering us to visualise and train!
Tamir Sensei
Ueshiro Neve Dojo, Israel
Ueshiro Charlotte Dojo, North Carolina
Under the Direction of Hanshi Robert Scaglione