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Technique of the Week (July 15th, 2007)

From Sensei Dale Adamson, Shihan, Mohawk Valley Karate Club


First, I want to say that I am very proud to be associated with Shorin ryu USA. It is an organization, art and way of life for many of us. As we enter the 45th anniversary year of Master Ueshiro arrival to the United States, we should reflect on our personal reasons for continuing the study of this martial art. For myself, training strengthens me physically and mentally. It helps me get through too many stressful workdays. I want to thank Hanshi Scaglione for introducing me to Shorin ryu almost 20 years ago- Arigato, Hanshi.

I also want to reiterate Shihan Mackay’s statement, “it means re-reading the red book and green book 45 times”. I’ve worn out 2 books already.

For my thought this week, kumite does not replace the practice and repetition of Kata. Pre-arranged kumite, however, helps one develop reflexes and allows one to master distance and use full power and speed. It is smarter than free style fighting or sparring, where one might be inclined to hold back on speed and power so as to injure an opponent. I refer you to the red book page 44 for more about Kumite.


Dale Adamson, San Dan.