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Technique of the Week (July 21st, 2008)

From Arigato, Dale Adamson, Sandan

Mohawk Vally Karate Club



Onagaishimasu Hanshi , shihan and deshi;

I would like to congratulate Kyoshi Makay for an excellent review of the power of rotation- the power of the circle- which is why I wanted to review Tomoe-zuki (circular block and punch).

Tomoe zuki is found in kata fukyugata II, Rohai and Passai. I think it is one very powerful technique, utilizing the rotation of the hips to throw out two potentially devastating punches. The center punch is to solar plexus and the other to the liver or spleen.

The center punch stuns or briefly paralysis the diaphragm so one cannot catch his breath as in “having the wind knocked out you”.

The second punch does not completely turn over, but strikes under the diaphragm to the right or left of center and lower than the center punch. This potentially can lacerate the liver or spleen, more that likely it will cause a hematoma or bruise to the organ.

I only emphasized this move because of its circular movement in its execution, but also to enhance Kyoshi Makay TFTW observation of rotation of the hips. The power and strength of this technique comes from the swift turning of the hips.

Arigato, Dale Adamson, Sandan.