Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

Technique of the Week (Aug 7th 2011)

From Sensei Robert Neff Midtown Karate Dojo


Onegai Shimasu Hanshi, Kyoshi, Sensei, and fellow deshi,

When a correction is given on the deck you should thank your instructor by saying Arigato to them. You should address the instructor by their title: "Arigato Hanshi, Arigato Kyoshi, Arigato Sensei, or Arigato Sempai." As Hanshi explains, the emphasis should be on the second word, or title, i.e., "Arigato HANSHI!", not "ARIGATO! Hanshi."

"Gozaimasu" may be added for emphasis, as in "Arigato gozaimasu, Sensei," ("Thank you very much"). "Domo" may also be added for even more emphasis: "Domo arigato gozaimasu, Sensei" ("Thank you very, very much") but taken alone, " Domo" is informal ("Thanks") and is not appropriate for addressing one's seniors.

All corrections given are for you. If you think it is not for you then it is definitely for you! I was taught that you should also say, "Arigato Hanshi/Kyoshi/Sensei or Sempai" if the instructor addresses you by name.

Additionally, I was taught that you can not say Arigato to much. We should try to get the correction to stop saying Arigato.

Karate begins and ends w ith courtesy.

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu, Hanshi!!!-
Sensei Neff
Midtown Karate Dojo