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Technique of the Week (August 12th, 2007)

From Sensei Karen Brophy, Shihan
Bushi Karate Dojo Santa Monica, CA.


Demonstrating Kata

Later this week many Deshi will have the good fortune to reconnect with old friends, meet new friends, and spend many hours engaged in Karate. Personally, I am very excited to see everyone and learn from their Karate.

I thought it would be helpful to remind everyone some key points on demonstrating Kata. Many of my instructors have shared these points with me over the years, for which I am extremely grateful.

1. Take your time. This is your moment to show your best form!
2. Show every move.
3. Relax.
4. Show speed and power. Remember speed is how quickly you execute each move, not how quickly you go from move to move.
5. At the end of each move, show the tension, then relax and move on to the next move. Timing between moves should be 2 seconds (or 1, 1000, 2, 1000).
6. Breathe.
7. Don't rush the Kata!! (I said that 2x on purpose).
8. Keep moving. If you make a mistake, don't start over - finish the kata!
9. Show courtesy.

There are certainly more aspects to demonstrating Kata, but keeping these in mind as you practice will help you perform well whenever you are on the spot.

Domo Arigato to Sensei Joe Knight, Sensei Teresa Knight and Sensei Scaglione for hosting the 45th Anniversary.

Arigato Hanshi, Kyoshi, Sensei, Sempai.