Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

August 18th, 2013

From Sensei Chris Barnes, Shihan, Bushi Dojo - Los Angeles
Denshi, Shichi Dan


From the practical standpoint of the Warrior.

If a man is threatening you, you can see and hear him,but you do not know for certain what he will do.
Watch him with a calm mind. Stay focused and relaxed. Do not attempt to guess what he will do.
Instead, trust in your spirit. Only your spirit has the ability to act without necessity of thought, in perfect union with, what actually happens.
The mind's duty is to be still, to surrender to the spirit. Spiritual means to function by the leading of the spiritual
rather than by the conscious dictation of the mind.
The ego- mind is aggressive as it acts from the state of knowing, calculating, and analyzing. It stops and goes.
The spiritual mind does not stop. It goes straight ahead.
It is direct. It is Shorin-Ryu Karate USA.
The fall of man is revealed to be his quest for
"other" or OUTSIDE knowledge. Man is still falling because
he values outside teachings. Not so with the warrior.
The Bushi Warrior values the tradition, the ancient heritage,
and the wisdom found in kata, kumite, and zazen.
Fortunate for us We have a Hanshi, appointed by Master Ueshiro, to instill and maintain the dictates of our tradition, our ancient heritage.
Since 1982, Shorin-Ryu Karate USA has given freely to me, the perfect union of traditional training and spiritual growth.
My Spirit Is Alive and Well, I will See you All on The Wooden Decks of Ueshiro Shorin Ryu Karate U.S.A, were we will share our Spirit As One!
Arigato Barnes Sensei
Denshi, Shichi Dan, Shihan