Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (Aug 19th, 2002)

From Sensei Teresa Knight
East Meet West Karate of Northern Virginia


No One Achieves Anything Alone

A quote from Shorin-Ryu Okinawan Karate Question and Answer Book (the red book) written by Hanshi Robert Scaglione
"Throughout the ages the most powerful men on earth had little if any physical strength. They had powerful minds and thoughts. They were part of a powerful group. When we take the time to help others, we grow stronger ourselves. As our group grows stronger, every person affiliated with that group grows stronger. If the group is weak then so are the individuals in it.
The secret is to make your group stronger and so you as an individual grow stronger. No one achieves anything alone.
This is the karate-do philosophy as well as the philosophy of the great minds of the past."

I am very grateful to be a drop in the surging river of Shorin-Ryu Karate U.S.A. and to have been fortunate enough to take part in last weekends celebration with such a large contingent of deshi. The ki generated by every deshi there is still pulsing through me. As always I am in awe at how pure the art has been maintained where deshi from all over can train side by side as if they'd been training together forever.
Domo Arigato to Grand Master Ansei Ueshiro (always with us in spirit), Hanshi Scaglione, Kyoshi Seeger and Kyoshi Baker for preserving and protecting our art. Domo Arigato to Sensei Barnes and the deshi of the Bushi Dojo for making last weekend possible. And of course, Domo Arigato to all deshi of our organization across the world for keeping our art strong.

Teresa Knight
East Meet West Karate of Northern Virginia