Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

August 19th 2012

From Sensei Joe Knight,Ueshiro Shorin-Ryu Northern VA Karate Club



Tomoe-zuki (Circular Block and double punch)

Reference SRKUSA Technique Bulletin # 9

This technique is introduced to the deshi in F2 and is used to deliver a blow to the chest and abdomen simultaneously. As Hanshi has observed:

“These punches deliver a shock to the body – floating ribs, spleen, heart, and liver – as opposed to a surgical strike..”

In F2, tomoe-zuki is delivered from the zenkutsu-dachi stance. The punch is preceded by a double chest block & chamber.

The upper punch is locked out, (as a reverse punch) with a slight bend in the lower arm, which augments the reverse punch (and spreads the delivered shock to the opponent). This sequence is then repeated in the following move using the opposite foot and hand

Typical errors associated with the execution of the F2 “double” tomoe-zuki technique include:

1) Not locking out (rushing) the double chest punch & chamber prior to executing the punch

2) Wrong upper hand utilized in punch (should be opposite hand of the foot that is forward)

3) Not staying low when switching the feet for the second block/punch

4) Aiming the upper punch at the solar plexus (vs. a broader target such as floating ribs/spleen/kidney)

Domo Arigato-

Sensei Joe Knight, Ueshiro Shorin-Ryu Northern VA Karate Club