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Technique of the Week (August 26th, 2007)

From Lyle Kleusch, Ueshiro Hong Kong Karate Club



This week's technique is about training karate every day. For some of us that are extremely busy this may seem impossible, but it is not.
I am not talking about putting on a gi and traveling to the dojo every day. That would be out of the question for most of us. It can be as simple as doing each kata once, or one kata ten times, half speed and power just after you wake. This will stretch your muscles and prepare you mentally and physically for the coming day.
If your living quarters are too small for this, find a space outside and go though the kata, even if for only ten or fifteen minutes. Of course more is better. If you can train an hour each day, then do it. But try to find some time, even if it is only a little time, each day, and do kata. The results will be amazing and your karate will stay with you for life. Give it a try!
Also, the Ueshiro Hong Kong Karate Club wishes every one a Happy 45th Anniversary and we are with you in spirit. Arigato Hanshi!