Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (August 28th 2000)
Alan Lai- Director 
Hong Kong Karate Club


Greetings from Hong Kong Karate Club.

As for this thought of the week, I would like to share with all of you what
I have shared with my deshi and my training partners.

It is about balance of life. It is the reality that we have to work, to work
for our family, to work for having a family, or to work for having a better
life. But it would be out of the balance in our life if we just work, and
especially work on the expenses of our health or personal development. We
know that health or personal development would bring us no direct wealth.
But think about it: if we simply want to have a better life, a more healthy
body, mind and spirit and a more stronger development of self are also the
same we need as much as wealth. The best way is to get a balance in work,
health (i.e. karate) and personal life (time for self or with girlfriend,
wife or family). It is not an easy thing to understand, let alone to abide
by this principle. However, I witness that many successful persons I know,
like my Sensei, can do it without losing the balance, and these people
succeed because karate is always the weekly schedule they would never miss.
We should put business and family the first and second, but it never means
karate is not the same importance as our business and family. It is simply a
decision, a desire, and a determination to get the balance. Everyone can do
it. Don't give up or cut back too much from karate. It is never a regret not
to miss karate but one if we lose our health one day.

Domo Arigato
Alan Lai
Director of Hong Kong Karate Club