Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

Technique of the Week (Aug 28th 2011)

From Mr. Jim Davis, Sho-Dan

Ueshiro East Meets West Karate School of Northern Virginia


Echoes from the Past

When I have had the opportunity to provide some advice or guidance to a fellow deshi, I find that the words and ideas that I’m trying to convey are almost exactly what I was told when I had the same questions. It struck me that what I was repeating were things that my instructor was probably told by their instructor, who was told by their instructor. In essence, even though so many years have passed since the Grand Masters have left us, their voices still echo in our dojos every day we train. I find this to be both a great source of pride and also humility, as I have the honor to be a link in this chain that stretches back so far into the past but also that I am still in the presence of such great Martial Artists. Please try to keep this in mind the next time you receive a correction that you are, in some way, being taught by the Grand Masters themselves.

Domo Arigato,

Jim Davis

Sho-Dan, East Meets West Karate School of Northern Virginia