Thought For The Week

Thought for the Week (September 3rd, 2001)
Kyoshi and Keith Eng, Sho Dan

 AIG Westport Karate Club

Embrace The New

Mr. Eng,

During this month of tests and kyu promotions I am
sure all the deshi and sempai wearing their new
kyu belts will be encouraged with joy and vigor
to meet the challenge of the next "new" Kata with it's
"different" technique/postures and nuances.
Thank you for your inspirational post.


Embrace that which is new and different. It is my experience in life, as well as in Karate, that people are often afraid or intimidated by new ideas or experiences. One can not learn without the exposure to and the embracing of new ideas. Whether it is a new culture, new kata, a new technique, or a difficult workout, we must accept intimidating things and take them in as a learning experience.

Keith Eng, Sho Dan