Kyoshi's Technique of the Week

Technique of the Week (September 6th, 2004)

From Sensei Dale Adamson, Sandan
Mohawk Valley Karate Club


Finger Tip Pushups

Onagaishimasu Hanshi, Shihan and Deshi,

One of my weakness in karate has been my fifth fingers. Sensei Hall would remind me to keep my fingers tight especially during shuto-uke block. It has bee obvious durign the Pinan katas. Recently while practicing Pinan shodan, I suddenly realized that my fingers were in the correct position and it seemed easier and more comfortable than ever before.

So how does a correct shuto-uke relate to push-ups? Pushups strengthens the forearms and the intrinsic muscles of the hand. Where knuckle pushups strengthen the forearm and allows one to train to keep his fists straight; fingertip pushups actually strengthens ones hands and finger muscles.

I suggest that one practice fingertip pushups starting with push-outs from the wall, eventually moving onto modified pushups and then regular pushups. Keep each finger flexed (bent), this is why I suggest working into the full pushup position. In time your hands will feel stronger and tighter, improving dexterity.

Also, my thoughts and prayers go out to those hit by Hurricane Francis, please be careful with the cleanup.

Arigato, Dale B. Adamson, Sandan